Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 21

As the old saying goes “T G I F”.  Funny, on one hand the week went by pretty quick and then again I feel “finally it is Friday”.  Also too that comes to my head is why are we wishing always for Fridays….It can be kind of sad always wishing for Fridays, really what is wrong with say…..Wednesday or Monday…..absolutely….nothing.   I need to really enjoy each day as they are given to me. 
Ok, off of that thought right now.  Well last night was TOPS weigh in and of course I could feel what the outcome on that would be…..well I gained 3 pounds…..3 friggin pounds.  I know exactly what I did to get those 3 pounds….and yes NOW I am mad about it……but still…did I really think about how the outcome would be at the moment of eating…………..stuff………stuff that I know is full of high calories, full of sugar…..full of fat……..maybe briefly but it still did not stop me from indulging.
Part of me just wants to stop going out.  I enjoy going out with friends, love ones, but it always seems to revolve around food.  I have been thinking about this more and more, probably because I have been going out more and more.  Even yesterday, my future son-in –law called and asked if he could meet up with me at lunch.  I don’t get the opportunity to see my kids often, so I take every moment with them I can.  So of course I said yes.  When he arrived he stated he wanted to go out for lunch and wanted to treat me for my upcoming birthday.  So of course we went nearby to an Italian restaurant.  We ordered a wheat pizza, my half had spinach and his half had meatballs.  Very thin pizza and very good.  I didn’t order any soda or even iced tea, I just drank water.  So in all it was a somewhat good selection, but now here is the downfall……portion control.  The pizza is a 16 inch pie, which in turn he had his half and I had mine.  Uh Oh…..not good.   So add this onto Wednesday anniversary breakfast, Sunday bridal brunch and viola…………3 pounds.   Ah and now tomorrow the family is taking me out to the CheeseCake factory.  Then I know next week on Tuesday, a friend that I work with, well, we always take the other person out for their birthday.  Do I just accept this all and try to stay on track when I am NOT out?  I am not going to throw the towel in, just because of my birthday, but it is frustrating not getting myself under better control……..why am I not working better through this?????
Until later…………….

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  1. Yea figuring out the whole going out to eat thing is tough. I have to say though when it comes to your Birthday you should get to pick where you want to go in my opinion. I've found with eating out planning ahead really helps, knowing what they have and picking something ahead of time that you've already calculated. As for the 3 lbs it's probably not all real weight but some sodium bloat. Just keep moving forward and try not to stress. You will get better as you go along. I still struggle with going out sometimes too. Hang in there and have a good weekend.