Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 17

I truly understand the concept of daylight savings time but it certainly puts a wrench into my body clock.  It usually takes several days to get “back on track”.
My body is dragging, I know I got sleep but even with that I went to bed the usual time but I didn’t get to sleep over an hour later and I am feeling it today.
Yesterday I went to the bridal expo with my daughter and the girls.  OMG It is beautiful, so eloquent and classy.  This is where the wedding reception will be.  The kids booked it last week.  It was great seeing the area plus seeing it for real really brings it to a reality.  Now I can’t wait for the wedding.
Now speaking about all of this, boy it sure did screw me up.  I have no one to blame but myself.  Not only was their other vendors there, there was also the catering service that will be doing the kids wedding.  So of course I sample quite a bit.  OMG the food was delicious and fantastic.  I am on track today but again not only with the hour difference and now with all these rich foods, my body doesn’t know who the heck it is.  Obviously I am at work but I so want to go home and just sleep. 
Oh and again, going out there just goes my control power.  I told the kids I am NOT going out of the house this coming weekend.  Also too I want and need to do so much in the house.  I have been buying little things to prepare and fix up not only in my bedroom but also the spare bedroom (the one I am making into my crafts/sewing room).  I so much just want to get this done.  Spring is so close and I know there is plenty of yard work coming up and I don’t want the upstairs to be hanging over my head.  I was thinking on the way to work this morning that I need to push myself to do small tasks during the week and this way will not seem so overwhelming on the weekend.  I just need to keep reminding myself to move, move and move some more.  Maybe moving more will help burn a little more of the over indulged calories from yesterday.

Oh and I came across this dress, I really really like it.  This should give me more of an incentive to lose more weight.  I think the dress is classy and not so much of the layered look like the usually “mother of the bride” dresses.  This dress comes in many different colors but I am leaning towards the brown.  Mainly because the wedding will be in the fall and the color scheme will be fall colors.  She is leaning towards having the girl’s dresses in like a burnt orange and yellow.  I prefer the darker color over the lighter ones because the sparkles on the upper torso and broach seem to stand out more than the lighter colors.  I don’t know, I know I have plenty of time to think about colors.
Obviously I am at work and I need to get much done.
Really looking forward to lunch, don’t know why but I am…..hmmm…
Until later…………..

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  1. Yep, housework can surely be a workout also, every little bit helps. I feel excited for you and your daughter :) so cool to be planning her wedding together and going with her to see everything.