Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 28

Voting was last night at TOPS and I am now leader of our chapter.  I am so excited.  I really hope and pray that I can help and motivate the women from my chapter.  Also too I hope and feel that this will really motivate and boost my spirit too.  I just feel that God has put this all in front of me and I was to grab it and hold on tight.  All the tools and support is all at my fingertips, I would be so stupid if I didn’t utilize this all to my advantage.  I am so so grateful for it all.
I have so many ideas; I hope the group likes them.  I have been researching different information to share with them.  I pray it all goes well.
Oh and as for my weigh in, well I knew I would have a gain.  I know exactly what I did this past week.  I know what my weakness are now and I must try somehow or some way to control them or conquer them.  For this week I had a 2 pound gain.  But that is NOT going to happen next week.  I am on the wagon for sure and I am not making any pit stops this coming week. 
I was hoping the weather would be nice this weekend because I really wanted to work outside in the back yard.  It really needs a cleanup from this past winter.  I also wanted to start bringing out all my spring and summer decorations for the yard.  Also I wanted to bring out my solar lanterns; at night it is so pretty to see that soft glow in the flower beds. But the newscast stated that we are going to get rain for the entire weekend.  If so, I guess it will have to wait to next week. 
Funny at the beginning of the week it seemed that it was moving slowly but wow, it is now Friday.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.
Until later…………….

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  1. This week did seem to fly by. So happy you are going to be the new leader, I'm sure the folks will love all your new fun ideas :) Yes, you will do better next week I'm sure :) Hope the rain doesn't keep ya down for the weekend.