Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 14

Right now all I can say is T G I G…..funny how some weeks seem to fly by and others just drag on and on.  This week seemed to be one of them……….dragging.  But I certainly know that the weekend will buzz right on by.   (Especially since we lose one hour…….uggh)  I am happy though that hubby will be home tomorrow.  I hope that I can finally get my furniture back in the master bedroom.  All I need to do is just mop the hardwood floors.  I am really getting tired going to all the other rooms for my stuff.  I will admit though I really think the bedroom came out really pretty.  It is going to feel so nice with the new bedroom linens, comforters and big pillows.  Once that is done then I can go back to my daughter’s old bedroom and finish transforming that into my crafts room.  I truly love my kids but now with them out of the house it is kinda nice to spread it out and make things to our liking and wants.
Well last night at TOPS I lost 2 pounds, which don’t get me wrong I am very happy but honestly I was hoping for more.  I really need to get out of my head that big drop that I think ….hmmmm…that I want or deserve???   Why do I think that way?????   2 pounds is good, slow and steady is the right way.   I guess maybe reading some other blogs makes me think that I am taking the easy way out by going slow????   I need to keep reminding myself that all I need to do is stay on course. Oh and I really want and need to do good for next week because if so I will officially be in the next set of tens, (currently I am 280) and another thing is that I am just five pounds away from 275, don’t know why but I am always counting in my head quarters or sets of 25……dumb I know….
Last night some of the other women (as we were leaving) were stating to me that they are happy that I am going for the position of leader, which made me feel good.  I just hope that I can fulfill their expectations of me, which in turn has me quite nervous.  I mean I was a Girl Scout leader many many years ago but that is so much different.  I was leading a bunch of girls, who had to listen to me and do what I was asking of them.  This is beyond so much different, I want to help but will they accept my help, my suggestions, etc.  I just want to do well…..I can’t help it this is just me……I need to stop and breathe…………………
Until later………………


  1. Your remodeled bedroom sounds nice. Way to go on the 2 lbs too. I say slow and steady is a good way to go. I'm guessing you know as well as I do that speeding down the scale doesn't usually work to keep you down the scale. I know what you mean about feeling you deserve bigger numbers though but just keep reminding yourself this is for life so on weeks you don't loose your still teaching yourself how to maintain which will be forever.

    As for being TOPS leader you will do great. You have to remember they already like you :) not like you'll be talking to a bunch of strangers, they are already rooting for you :) I've come to realize not everyone likes every meeting but they still like you :) So have you been elected?

  2. You are so right about that this is for life.......but like many we would love to have it all right now........I know not realistic. As for the TOPS Leader position, well, we will have voting on the 22nd of March. I know that they are not strangers but I just hope I can fulfill their expectations of me??? I feel motivated within myself that I hope that I can share, express, and pass on this feeling towards the others. Not only do I want to do good for myself but pray that the others will do great too. I know that I must keep my prospective in range but…..what can I say…………..I am so much an optimistic person………sometimes I can get on others nerves…………..I see nothing wrong with being positive…………right?????????