Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 18

I am finally feeling better with the hour change.  I got some serious sleep last night and I know my body is thankful for that.  Also too, being back on track is now becoming a wonderful feeling.  I really need to hold onto this, I certainly do hope that someday this feeling will stay within me, especially when going out to eat.  Why do I lose control, right now I can’t seem to control the urge, why I let myself go like that.  Anyway, I was a bit worried about dinner last night because hubby was home.  When he is off he will make dinner and have it all ready when I come home.  This is the only time we have dinner, I guess you could say at a decent time.  With his schedule, he is done work at 7 and gets home at 7:30.  So usually we don’t eat until that time or later.  For us it is a long day, we both get up @ 5; leave the house around 6:15.  I get home around 5, which gives me plenty of time to do things around the house and prepare dinner.  Anyhow, he made kielbasa and sauerkraut.  I watch the portions of the kielbasa and as for the sauerkraut, well that is so low on calories I had plenty.  Hubby likes his on a Kaiser roll but I won’t eat the bread.  So all in all, my calories for the day were good.  I know the sodium is probably not, but I can only do one thing at a time….
After dinner, I went upstairs mainly to do some ironing, my clothes for the week and also did some sewing.  So for the week I am done, good feeling too.
Tonight I want to try to get some things done in the house that I would probably leave for the weekend.  Let’s see what happens……
Oh and the leader of my TOPS group and I have been emailing each other in the morning……..extra motivation…………I hope it continues, if anything keeps me honest.
Got lots to do here at work………better get moving on it.

Until later……………………..


  1. Glad you're feeling good :) So did you get the leader position? I'm confused now :)

    1. No not yet, we are scheduled to vote on March 22nd. Sorry about any confusion. Believe me you will be one of the first to know if I do....which I hope I do......