Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 31

Finally I am at work; this morning was an early and busy morning.  Out of the house by 6:20 fully dressed for work and has my lunch packed.  Went and picked up POP (my father) and took him to his dermatologist appointment.  Gotta love this doctor, POP’s appointment was at 7:00 am but the doctor is there 15 minutes early and he is willing to take us.  So I had POP back at his place by 7:20 and then I shoot off to work.  Even as I sit here I feel I have done a lot this morning.
Tried another recipe yesterday and hubby really likes it.  I made meatloaf with panko flakes (Japanese bread flakes)…less calories and I feel gives it a better flavor.  Even though I figured out the calories thru it still was a bit lower than using regular bread crumbs.  Next time I want to use ground turkey….it will be much healthier.  Also I made an applesauce bread/cake and hubby really like that also.  So my recipe box is growing and I am enjoying trying to find different and better meals and snacks for us.
Things this week should be somewhat calm.  Wednesday I am off because 1.  POP has another doctor appointment and 2.  It is his birthday……dude is going to be 91.  Today the doctor asked him if he had a goal of getting to 100 and POP said of course, I came this far why stop now.  I tell you my dad is a real character.  But believe me he certainly can be a handful.  I just pray daily to the Lord above to give me the patience with him.  Most of the time I really try hard to let things just roll off my back but sometimes I will breakdown.  There is a host of reasons but I just pray to get through as much as I can. 
Well I need to get started with this pile of papers.
Until later……………

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  1. I'm so far behind with my reading. I use oatmeal in my meatloaf now and it makes a super moist meatloaf so maybe you can give that a try and see what you think next time. Ok moving on to your next post :) you'll probably get a ton of comments from me today lol.