Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 32

I slept pretty good last night and feeling good this morning.  Already had my breakfast and now drinking my 40 ounces of diet green tea.  I also have my lunch which is soup.  So as of right now I am set for the day. 
Yesterday was fun; my daughter called and asked if I could take her and her maid of honor to a bridal shop.  Main reason is that her and her friend doesn’t drive and this shop was quite some distance.  So of course mom doesn’t say no and off we went.  My daughter has this particular dress in mind for the girls and of course with her researching, (which she does quite well) found a place that actually has the dress.  Maid of honor tried it on and so far it is a yes to the dress.  Tonight, hopefully the other girls will see it and try it on and will like it also.  I know it is very early, (wedding is not until October 2013) but the girls are willing to get it now, also they stated that this way the expense is out of the way.  That’s their decision.  I looked a bit at some for me but really didn’t like anything.  It seems that this shop has the “OLD” type of mother of the bride.  I certainly don’t want to look like the great-great grandmother of the bride.  They had the usually long dresses with the long box cut jackets with the sequins on the jacket and stuff.  Nah…not for me……I am looking at something simpler with just a bit of a sassy look. But most important I want to lose some more weight……this is one of my goals and I believe I will do it.
Until later……………………..

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