Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 34

Wow, most of the time I seem to complain about the time, of how slow it goes, especially during the work week but now it is WOW it is Thursday.  I am a bit excited again for tonight but this week’s reasoning is that my neighbor, very nice woman is going to see how our meetings are and I feel very strongly that she will join our lovely group.  This will be absolutely super, not only for her but for me also.  Like I told the ladies in the group, that I would be happy to take the leader position but it is mainly for me, I am willing to help but it must also help me.  Now with my neighbor joining, I will have support all around me.  I am so lucky and a blessed girl. Might sound a bit selfish, but I have made up my mind this is how it must be.  Also too having a lovely chat with my sister that I wrote to her this morning via email.  I started thinking that I will send to her, my motivational quotes, and maybe some time later will send to her some of my research that I will use at future meetings.  This way it will give her some insight that she may not know or needs a refresher and then she can tell me how my presentation looks.  This will be a win – win situation. 
I can’t believe that this is day 34 for me……I think I need to review some past post and make sure my head is on right.  I believe I am but I need to reassure me.
I certainly hope that I drop those few pounds that I have gained over my birthday celebration.  That would just make my night complete. 

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