Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 94

Well seems that I am winding down my four day weekend.  Really didn't do too much over these days.  Friday was just some cleaning and seeing Pop oh and spent some time with a dear friend as she watched her granddaughter.  As for Saturday, yeah some more cleaning and did some prep work for Sunday.  Sunday got up early and went to church, then cam home and prepare all types of foods, because all the kids came over.  Between hubby and the boys, they did the grilling. I tried very hard to make as much as possible healthy food.  So we had the usual, hamburgers (but I made them with half ground meat and half ground turkey.  I had my burger on a Arnold thin as a regular bun.  Also made a pasta salad, which had Italian dressing instead of mayo.  Made chicken kabobs, with of course chicken, peppers, onions and mushrooms.  Then in the grilling basket, we had asparagus and potatoes.  Oh and I made Parmesan cheese grilled tomatoes.  Then for desert I made a lemon and blueberry cake and also had a fruit salad with a low fat fruit dressing.  Seems that everyone enjoyed the meal.

So with today, hubby and I have plenty of leftovers, I have the tendency to always have too much.  Also I am slightly waiting for the shade to come over on the side of the house so I can thoroughly clean my car, especially the inside.  I would love it to be clean, especially for next week, because my son is taking me out to the outlets out in Limerick.  He has be doing this for several years as my mother's day gift.  He takes me out for breakfast, then slowly we go shopping, holding all my bags and we just enjoy the day together, just him and I.  I am so thankful that we have a great relationship and we are very open with one another.

So with looking at this entry, I thought I would reflect back to day one.  I can't believe it is almost 100 days that I have been blogging.  This is one of the reasons that I count what day it is when I blog.  Also too I am not creative to have catchy titles of what my post is about.  I am even surprised that I even blog.  I am not a writer, I am not usually the type to just write what is going on or how I am feeling.  I was never one of those girls who would write in a diary or nothing.  It took a very long long time to even just record of what I ate.  Anyhow, looking for my weight I am down 14 pounds.  Now looking at the day, well I am not really that pleased.  I started with blogging on Feb 16th.  That is over 3 months....hmmm   I counted it is 13 weeks which comes down to one pound a week.  Oh and as for last week at TOPS, I am not proud at all, I gained 3.5 pounds.  I know what I did and truthfully I deserved it.  I really need to get my head back into the game.  That is one of the reasons that I really tried hard to make yesterdays barbecue a healthy one.  One thing that is bothering me lately is my leg.  I really don't know why it is hurting more than the usual.  I guess I really need to go back the the orthopedic doctor.  A good part of me is not wanting to go back is because I need to go through this procedure which entails of getting these huge needles of medication.  I guess you could say that I am the number one chicken.  Yes I am scared.  Also too I really want to find out about this facility, a gym, but actually what I am really interested is the pool that they have.  I want and need to find out if they have water aerobics, especially at night after work.  All the doctors say that is the best exercise that I could get, all because of my knee.  I really want to get more of this lousy weight off of me.  I hate and hardly ever look in the mirror because it is just down right ugly.  I try so hard to never look in the windows as I walk by.  I just hate seeing anything of me.  Right now I feel I will never like myself.  It is just a horrible site to see. 
OK time to stop because I can actually make myself sick. 
Well trying to be a bit more positive is that I am down some......I do feel good that I am no longer over 300 pounds.  And I am trying to stay on track and I have set a goal to be close to 250 by the end of the summer. 

Well so the shade will be on my side and I can start cleaning my car.

Hope all are having a great holiday.  Wish the humidity come down some.  Then again sweating is a good thing even though I don't like it.....haha

Until later.........................

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