Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 69

I can't believe how quickly the day has gone by.  Yet I will say that I feel good with work, I got loads done.  I also handed in my PTO (paid time off) slip for the summer.  I have decided to do the same thing as last year and take Fridays off for the summer.  I just loved it.  Mainly because of my so call projects with the house.  See, with taking a full week off, I become too too sore with my legs and hip, doing such things as painting, pulling up old rugs, etc.  So what I do is break it all done into sections and do so much on one long weekend, then another the following week.  This way I am able to rest in between and build up my strength again.  So with a little bit more to do, I will officially be done my second floor and will be working my way down to the first floor.  Remember my goal is to be done by October 2013....that is when the wedding is. 

Anyhow that’s it for me as for vacation.  Also too I am hoping on Saturday I will go shopping and get "my" things that I "need" to stay focus.  Such as my 100 calorie popcorn, I need to get plenty of fruit; also too I want to try a new recipe that I have found on pinterest.  My daughter is trying very hard to get me hook onto. 

As for tonight, well I kind of feel heavier, bloated, etc.  Deep inside I really don't want to face the scale but it is necessary.  I know what I have done and I am pushing real hard to straighten it.......and deep down I know I will.

Well time to get out of here.

Until later……..

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