Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 72

Wow how fast the days go.  As for Thursday, I am so grateful to god, I was quite surprised that I stayed the same, even with all the stress going on and all the ice cream eating, well I can only guess that stress really burns up loads of calories.  I am somewhat back on board.  I was planning yesterday to go shopping for my food, such as fruits and Arnold thins breads and such but didn't go until today. 
Made a cake for hubby which he likes this one.  I got the recipe from pinterest.  I am beginning to like that site, it has many categories to choose from.

So yesterday I just did more cleaning and the usually wash.  So boring......

Today it felt good to get up early, bathed, got dress and went to church.  Afterwards did shopping, came home and packed a few goodies for Pop and went to go see him.  They seem to have finally leveled his sugar but now he is so weak and in pain from his leg.  He does go to therapy but I don't know if he is improving.  Just watching him sit in the wheelchair, just sitting there so limp and hardly moving.  Even his appetite has gone from the usually high to so low.  While I was there he received lunch and didn't even want to eat.  I encourage him and he did eat some.  I can see he is getting depressed more and more each day.  I did talk with his doctor office on Friday and I requested that his primary needs to go and see him.  The re-hab has a doctor but he needs his.  I understand their regulations and such but he needs a more stronger type of med for his pain in his legs.  Right now all that they are giving him is Tylenol.  It hurts so much to see him trying to move.  He is losing strength, that he couldn't even pull himself up more in the chair.  That the nurse and I had to assist him.  So hopefully tomorrow I will call the office to see when the doctor is going to see him.   He was happy that I brought him some flowers.  Pop has always loved flowers.  Years ago he would try anything to grow.  He loved his vegetable garden, especially tomatoes.  I remember it would sometimes drive my mom nuts with all the tomatoes he grew.  Gosh I miss her so much. 

So tomorrow I need to go to Pops apartment and do some wash and get Pop some clean clothes. 
As for the weather, right now it really sucks.  Usually I don't care if it is muggy, cloudy or whatever.  But these past few days, well I don't know maybe the humidity or whatever, is really effecting my leg.  It is so painful, making it really hard to walk.  Usually I can walk it through and deal with it but today I had to take some medication for the pain and aching going up and down my leg.  Usually in the morning when I first wake up it is not that bad but these past days I am in agony.  I certainly hope this passes soon.

Reading someone else's blog about how she went for a nice long walk, well I envy her.  I so much would love that but right now I can only do a block or so and I need to sit down and rub my knee and leg.  If anything I pray that it will ease by next weekend, I don't want to be the reason to hold anyone back.  Even though I know my girlfriend will wait and comfort me, I don't want that.  I will make sure I bring my meds.  I am so looking forward to this.

Well need to clean up a bit in the kitchen and get my clothes ready for work.

Until later.................


  1. Take your time and let your knee and leg heal and then you will be right back out there walking.

    I understand the feeling of missing someone. It has been 11 years this year since my Dad died and I miss him so much and sometimes just want to call him and tell him about my day

  2. I am grateful that today my knee doesn't hurt as much.

    So sorry about your might seem strange but I talk to my mom in my heart almost everyday.......