Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 82

Wowzee it is Wednesday, hump day.  I feel pretty good. 

Oh, one thing that I forgot to mention is that last week at TOPS, I lost 4.75 pounds......I have finally made it to 50 pounds lost, actually it is 53 pounds.  I am hoping that I stayed the same or possibly lose a bit more.  Reason being because of the past weekend.  I know I went overboard with eating.  But this is a first for me that on Monday I got right back on track.  Oh and also with my weekend I have now connected with my dear friend's daughter.  She is morbidly obese and we had a wonderful talk, so I have agreed to help her as she would help me.  We were able to relate so much between us because of her being so young.  I have NEVER been thin, average weight or whatever you may describe it.  Actually the weight that I am now is the weight when I got pregnant with my son, who will be 29 years old this coming September.  Once I get down another good 30 pounds I will then be at the weight I got married, and in my heart I will get there.  Actually, when I do I am going to try my wedding dress on to see how it fits.  That will be awesome to do.

Oh and last night I had a doctor's appointment, it was really a check up to see how my blood pressure is, well it was 120/70 which is much better than it was six weeks ago at 140/90.  The doctor is well pleased as I am too.  Only thing is that he wants me to stay on the medication and I have another six weeks until I see him again.  Oh, and the doc was very happy with my weight.  I truly couldn't remember what my weight was six weeks ago, well I was down another 15 pounds.  I really don't think that was right but whatever.  I told him don't expect another 15 pounds but do expect some more weight will be off.  Also too I got some blood work done.  I mention to him that my sister got a check up and blood work done, and it showed that she is now borderline with diabetes, which is what my dad has.  So he thought it would be good to check it out, I certainly hope that it comes back good.

Oh and my girlfriend, God Bless her, she is just too too sweet, well she called me last night to see how I am doing.  Gosh, I am just so bless with such caring people.  Unfortunately she is not feeling too well, but it was a nice chat.

Also too I went and saw Pop and he really seems that he may be getting a little tiny bit better each day.  I pray that this continues.

So with all that is going on, I can honestly say and feel that things just may be getting a tad better.  I am truly grateful and just feeling good again.

There is a rainbow after the storm.......

Until later..............


  1. Way to go on the big lost this week and on the 53 lbs. What a great way to celebrate too with a trip to the doctors and a pat on the back from him :) hope all the tests come back good too. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Fantastic results.... really great you should be so proud. Thanks for my comments.