Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 85

Good morning Saturday,

I am enjoying my Fridays off, just gives a boost of a feeling for the weekend.  Unfortunately yesterday I really didn't get too much stuff done.  For whatever reason, my leg was kicking with aches and pain.  I even winded up taking some Aleve, for the most part I try my best to avoid taking them.  But so far I am feeling much better.  Once done with this post I am headed outside to do some cleaning up the back patio and desperately wanting to clean out my car.

As for our TOPS meeting, well we were unable to get into the church parish hall, we thought for sure that we could at least get weighed in even though it was Ascension Thursday but unfortunately the rectory was closed and we were unable to obtain the key.  So we chit chat outside for a bit and then everyone left to go home.  So I do not know if I gained or lost.  I just need to stay focused unto next week.  Yesterday hubby and I had a simple but delicious dinner.  I got this cage basket thingy for the grill and I chopped some veggies in large pieces.  I chopped some red and orange peppers, zucchini, asparagus and one baking potato.  With it we had some homemade cheese burgers on Arnold thins bread.  YUM YUM it was.

After dinner I went to see Pop and he seems to be improving a bit each time I see him, which I am so happy and grateful for.

So with all of that I am thankful to God that life is getting better, especially my nerves.

Well time to start with the cleaning.

Until later...............

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