Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 88

Not that I am doing much but the time sure does keep ticking away.  Yesterday and today are/were lousy days weather wise.  But that is OK because I just love love my weekends, and having nice weather tops it off even better, even though I really don't do much, meaning go out and do stuff.  Sunday was such a wonderful day.  Kids, meaning daughter and future son-in-law came up and took me out for mothers day.  I know I know one week later but something came up suddenly with son-in-law's father and I really didn't see them much on Mother's day.  Anyhow, they took me out for brunch at this local restaurant near me.  It was fabulous.  And of course I ate way too much, but then I got thinking, ya know life is too short, so I overdid at one meal, doesn't mean that I will continue that way.  I think that before I would just say the heck with it but now I get right back on the saddle.  Actually afterwards (from the gorge brunch) I realize that I don't like the really full feeling at all.  Also too I realize I could have eaten much more, but now when I am feeling really full I am stopping instead of gorging myself until I feel totally uncomfortable.  Yes I probably could have stop even before that but I also feel that I am stopping at a earlier point then I used to, (if that makes any sense).  Anyhow afterwards we did a little bit of shopping then headed back home.  Daughter wasn't feel the best (allergies) plus she took some medication which made her drowsy so she took a nap.  Meanwhile, son-in-law and I had a great time just chatting away and doing little bits in the backyard with his assistance.  Before we knew it hubby was home from work.  All four of us just relaxed out in the back patio, just talking, laughing, etc.  It was a lovely visit with them.  Before you know it, it was after 9 pm and they headed home.  I am hoping that this weekend, hopefully Sunday, hubby and I will barbecue and all the kids will be over.  I just love when the family is together, the one thing that makes me so so happy.

Yesterday as I was driving home from work I was thinking about this week's meeting coming up, was thinking what should I talk about.  Well, these ladies have stated more than once about how they are so happy about me being their leader and how I motivate them.  Then I started thinking, they know what to do, they know what is good for them, they know about portion control, they know that it is necessary to exercise or at least try to move around more.  I can give them so many handouts and information but it is the same information.  So I thought about it and I am going to give them information to stay MOTIVATED.  I am going to try to charge them up and challenge them or better yet dare them to stay that way.  I can only give so much, they need to get some motivation on their own.  I will try to be there for them but they need to take that first step.  And this is what I am going to tell them.  I certainly hope it helps and hope that it puts a little fire in their bellies.  For some reason I feel really charged inside of me.....hope it stays there because I need it myself.

Well I am going to head to see Pop tonight.  I pray that I see a bit more of improvement with him.

Looking forward to the weekend, especially since I will be off for four days....WOOHOO.

Well need to start with my reports...

Until later............

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