Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 73

Well, back to Mondays.  Again gloomy day today but if anything, according to the weather forecast it should be nice this weekend.  Sometimes I think I am such a little kid by heart.  Today also starts my four day work week for the summer.....WOOHOO.  Now this is what I "LIKE".  It is a shame that it isn't all the time and for everyone.  After this week too, NO MORE AUDITORS.....double WOOHOO. 

Hubby really like the new recipe was very good, so definitely a keeper.  Now I want to look up some new recipes for the grill.  I really like ka-bobs, so I will start with that.  Also too with my three day weekends, I am hoping to figure out a date, I am in the mood to have a small party.  I think that is what I really need to really boost me out of my funky mood.  Something small and sweet, nothing overboard, just a nice time with lots of laughter with some dear friends.

Just finished my breakfast, oatmeal and now ready to drink my 32 ounces of tea.  Got lots to do, with lots of reports.

Need to get moving.

Until later............

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  1. I like to make little tinfoil packets for the grill. My favorite thing to put in them is carrots, onions and potatoes, all sliced thin with a few squirts of fake spray butter and a sprinkle of season salt. Just make sure you use the heavy tinfoil and flip them often. It's nice because you can make them individual serving sizes.