Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 98

With the summer, I just love love my Fridays....Got up early, put laundry away and clean up my room and spruced up the bathroom, then heading over to see Pop....did some laundry there and then took Pop to the patio and had a nice chat with him.  I feel it lifted his spirits up a bit.  My sister called this afternoon and we have an appointment with the facility to see what the next step to take in regards about Pop.  We both feel that he must go into assisted living.....he has become so weak and unstable that he needs help to dress and such.  I think he realizes that his full freedom is done.  I just hope that he accepts it and continues to push forward and not give up.  I know in my head that he is 91 years old but if you could only see him.....before you would never think that he is that old.  All we can do now is just make sure that he is comfortable and taken good care of.

Last night was a TOPS meeting and I am pleased that I am back down 2 pounds, just need to get one more off and then continue to get more off.  I am hoping that by the end of the summer, well it would be real nice to be near 250, just need to get off 23 more pounds.  We almost had a no gain week too, very impressive.  I hope and pray that these women really get their heads together and really start to do for themselves.  I keep reassuring them that they are worth it and they need to do this for themselves.  Still there is this one woman who states that she is watching but will not ever deprive herself from anything.  I do agree to a certain point but I really feel she is not REALLY watching, so to say.  But I can only encourage and try to suggestion things so much.  I have finally realize that is all I can do. 

Tomorrow my son is taking me out.  This is his mother's day gift to me.  He spends the entire day with me, just him and me.  We start out with a nice breakfast, then go on a long ride to the outlets and do some shopping.  He stays with me and carries all the bags, then in the evening we go have a lovely dinner.  I enjoy it so much.

Well, just finished washing and cleaning my kitchen windows, now I need to get the curtains out of the washer and press them and re-hang them.  My goal is to do a little bit each day in the kitchen, like cleaning out the cabinets and get rid of stuff that I don't use anymore.  I think I should have the kitchen done in a week or so.  I do love my kitchen but I will admit it is huge.  Got close to 20 cabinets and when it is time to clean them, well then I realize that it is too big....haha

Well time to keep moving....

Until later..................

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