Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 124

Still feeling kinda blue in regards about my dad, saw him again yesterday with my sister.  He is in such pain with his leg, but if anything I am glad that my sister and I are finally getting some answers and hopefully some results for him.  Last night they took some x-rays to see if by any chance he has any fractures, and also to see if by any chance he has gout?  Today they are to take blood to see if there is any inflammation in the blood, I guess for rheumatoid arthritis.  Hopefully soon I will hear when his appointment will be with the orthopedic doctor.  With speaking with the nurse from his primary, they highly suggest that no cortisone shot be given due to inflating his sugar levels, (he is diabetic) so in turn they are hoping that the orthopedic doctor may give him a synvisc shot.  This is the same shot/procedure that I am waiting to be approved for.  I certainly don’t understand insurances…for sure.
If they don’t’ do anything for him, well this will do him in.  He is in so much pain, that he is now longer moving, just constantly lying in bed and now he is not eating much.  He claims that he has no appetite. This is just breaking my heart.

Well onto some good news?  I had to see my primary to check up on my blood pressure.  Well he feels that it is doing good, even though it is slightly up from the last time, he feels with the pain in the leg and all of the stress with my dad, well he thinks I am doing well.  But atlas I still need to stay on the medication.  As for my weight, the doctor is very pleased.  Since my last visit I am down another four pounds.  Very slowly it is coming off but it is coming off.  Doctor also stated that with the weight coming down, he feels that I will be off the meds plus also that I may go lower in my A1C blood test, which is for a sugar average.  Currently I am borderline, but this I definitely want to see come down.  Hopefully on my next visit, I should be getting another blood test but this one will include fasting for other types of tests. 

Now I just need to address the knee issues.  I am going to call today the orthopedic and try to find out, actually anything.  I just want to get this done and other with.

While reading another friend's blog, she stated in her posts about someone who made a speech and part of their speech commented on trying to do these five things:
3 gratitude’s
Random acts of kindness

So I am going to try to do these.  As for the meditation, well, I never really done this but there is always a time to learn.

So here goes:  
3 gratitude’s
I am thankful that I am feeling well.
I am thankful for the wonderful people in my life
I am thankful for those who love me and I get to love so many back.

Now as for the journaling well that is now done, As for the exercise, well I hope someone would hold me accountable because I was just thinking today, actually this morning while coming into work, that I am going to try to pull the treadmill out of the mud room and drag it into the rec room and see if I can get it hooked up and possible just use it for ten minutes.  Maybe, just maybe with holding on I can walk for ten minutes and possibly get my knee a bit stronger.  Can’t hurt until I try.

Now to work on the last one………….
Until later…………………….

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