Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 127

Another day of heat, I am grateful though I am not going anywhere today and I can stay in with the central air blasting.  

Yesterday was hard but with the grace of god, we managed through it all.  With my sister and our husbands we were able to remove all of his belongings from the assisted living apartment, (which is now stored all in my garage) and now have him settled in his room of the nursing home.  I am extremely grateful that he was in really good spirits and seems to understand everything that is going on.

I am hoping that I can get a few items and spruce them up (like some pictures and such) and begin to make his room more homey, some memorable items and comfortable for him.  We met some of the staff and they seem very nice and concern for his wellbeing.  I honestly did not think it would have come to this.  My dad has always been an independent (especially since my mom past 16 years ago) and strong man.  It sometimes doesn’t seem real that he has lost his strength.  I pray that he just doesn’t lose his will.  I understand that he is over 91 years old but to see all of this happening in just several months is hard.

There is still much that needs to be done though.  Next week I need to meet with the social worker/administrator to finalize his finances and such.  Also I need to cancel many utilities and such (like his phone, cable, credit cards, etc.) as he will no longer need these.

Even with yesterday drooling heat, I still was able to attend a beef and beer benefit for a friend’s son.  Just hanging out with my dear friends was a treat in itself and I enjoyed myself very much.

Now I need to move forward with going through many bags with my dad’s stuff and figure out what to do with the furniture.  Need to dispose of a whole apartment of things.  Which I must add is taking up my entire garage.  With such little notice of moving him, we were unable to sort through, so we had no choice but to shove everything in big plastic bags.  It is amazing how an older person can hoard so much stuff.  Believe he did, he was hiding many things in closets and such.  Some items just made my sister and I laugh, like why in the world did he have this, (like he had multiple cleaning products, it wasn’t like he was cleaning, the facility where he lived had housekeeping come in his apartment every week and they brought their own stuff).  Any way there is a lot of bags to re-examine.

I am trying hard to stay on my health trail.  It has been hard.  As for Thursday, I gained another pound, which I am NOT happy about.  I need to stay a bit more focused on me.  I have been just grabbing anything to munch on and that is not good.  I have worked so hard to lose this weight and I cannot allow, even with heart wrenching life interruptions, which should be no excuse to binge.  So with today and tomorrow I am going to try to concentrate on me.  Try to plan my week ahead.  Fortunately, I only need to work Monday and Tuesday then I am off for the rest of the week.  I am hoping to make a dent with the garage and also get plenty of things in order with the house. 

Also too I am hoping to try some new recipes that are low calorie/low carb.  Don’t’ know if I do get to it, but want to try this recipe of a cauliflower pizza crust.  Just the picture alone looks yummy. 

Well I best be moving on, I have tons of paper work and all this week’s mail to look through and sort.

Hoping to stay cool and away from the kitchen for today.

Until later………………

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