Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 130

Finally I am at work and just finished my breakfast.  I really don’t have tons of work so it will be a kind of a laid back day.  Plus we are getting out a bit early due to the holiday.  But I am super excited because I am off Thursday and Friday, so for me I am off for 5 days….WOOHOO.  Unfortunately hubby has to work; even the holiday….he is in retail which sucks.  So therefore we have no plans.
This past weekend my son got engaged, so with that we now have two weddings to prepare for.  My daughter will be getting married in October 2013 and I believe my son will be getting married in June 2014.  Wow…two wedding within 7-8 months of each other…….ooh I shiver with the thought….haha. 
So hopefully we all this going on, it will give me more and more incentive to get more weight off. 
Speaking of weight I will admit I am going in the wrong direction.  I seemed to be a bit out of control.  My portions are getting bigger; my selections are not the best.  I know with everything that is going on with my dad, poor excuse, I have allowed myself to get into a small pity party and would eat anything and everything.  Once thing that I have noticed is that even being a leader at TOPS has become difficult.  How can I tell others what should be done if I, myself am NOT doing the right thing.  If anything I am still glad I am a leader, because it just gives me more responsibility to do the right thing that must be done.  So with everything that is going on I am trying very hard to push through all of this.
Tomorrow I am hoping to finally get my bedroom done once and for all.  I just only pray that my leg holds up.  I just need to do a bit more painting and then need to clean it up well, then put all the furniture back in.  I have everything that I need now for the room.  All the linens, new bed ensembles, still need to buy new curtain rods but for the most have it all.  Just need to put it all together.  Once that is done I will move to the spare guest room to finish up some touches.  Then I will be able to concentrate on my crafts room.  I would be ecstatic if I could get this all done by the end of the summer. 
Well just got done speaking with my sister, she is leaving Saturday for Italy for two weeks.  So there is still lots to do for my dad, well it looks like it is up to me to do it now……lucky me….just kidding.  Tonight after work I will be heading up to see him.  Yesterday I gather some recent pictures of the family and bought new 5 X 7 frames.  I am trying to make a small collage on the wall for him, just to make it a bit personal for him.  He talks a lot with others about his family, this way he can show others his family.  I hope he likes it when it is done and complete.
Oh and from another blogger she stated…..Hope is eternal”…I think that sums it best for me…….
Well I better get started with my work….
Until later…..

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