Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 145

Fantastic news I have.  The insurance company has approved my medication and my knee procedure is now scheduled.  I start with my shots on Thursday, July 26 and the following two Thursdays after that.  I am thrilled and praying hard that this will work and give me some relief.  I will admit that I am also petrified, mainly because of my fear with needles.  Hubby told me yesterday that he made sure that he is off next Thursday and Friday to assist me.  If this works, ah I can’t even begin to believe that I will/may be able to walk without pain, be able to walk distances without suffering.  I pray to God that this will be all good.  Maybe my mini dreams to take a nice walk through the park/woods.  There is a lovely path, only about a good mile long but just to do it will be awesome.  Along the path is a small creek, so many people walk and bike along this trail, I certainly hope I am able to do it.
Well onto week two with my sister, (she is on vacation in Italy) trying my best to accomplish as much as possible by myself of things that need to be done for my dad.  I hope she is having a good time.
As for my food consumption, well I am having good days and bad days.  I am not journaling my food as much as I should.  Why?  Hard to say, I guess being tired, no I should say being lazy.  I need to get more focused on me as to just pushing it aside.  I was talking to my daughter and just chatting a little about everything, but got on the topic about the wedding.  She asked me when do I think I will start going out to look and buy my dress for the wedding.  I thought about it and stated probably right after the holidays.  The wedding is set for October 2013.  Thinking about that, well that is only 6 months away, now that made me think WOW I really don’t have much more time if I want to try to get to the size I want to.  I really need to focus more, much more on me.  I need to stop putting myself further down the totem pole and start jacking myself up to the top. 
One thing that has lifted my spirits up some (may sound dumb to others) but I finally got some serious cleaning and arranging furniture done at home.  I have wanted this to get done for quite some time.  I finally finished my bedroom and now everything is just about back in place.  All I want is a nice clean home, things belonging where they belong.  For me it makes me feel complete.  Strange I know but that is how I am.  It doesn’t need to be fancy or updated, just nice and comfy and clean.  Also I am trying to finish my downstairs because my daughter has decided and asked me if she could throw an engagement party for her brother and future sister-in-law at our house.  I have already finished the dining room, just need to finish the living room and we will be set. Keep in mind that during all this time I also have my father’s entire stuff too in my garage that I am slowly sifting through.  Either trying to sort it out and give it away or store it for his future needs.  I certainly hope that my sister doesn’t forget that later this summer she is to help me do some of this.  Again like I say so much is going on but again I need to think of me first, which is very hard to do on a constant basis.  But perseverance and determination will hopefully get me there.
Until later…………..

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