Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 100

Wow it seems so unbelievable that I have had this blog for 100 days. 

Well to reflect upon this, I am so happy to say that I went shopping yesterday, (my mother's day gift from my son, is that he takes me out for the entire day, start with a nice breakfast and then out to the outlets near him, then finish with a nice dinner).  So anyway, out shopping I stopped at Lane Bryant and bought some clothes, well the best part is that I tried on a pair of shorts, size 26 a size smaller and they were still too big, so I proceed to get dressed again and went out and got a size 24, well to my amazement they too were big so finally tried on a size 22 and to my surprise they fit.  WOOHOO I am down 3 sizes, I was so ecstatic that I just sat there in the dressing room and cried.  I couldn't believe it.  Also too I got two pairs of pants and quite a few tops, even my tops are two sizes smaller.  I am in heaven.  It is so true, that you must have patience and determination and the results will eventually show.  So funny that even one of the women from TOPS wrote on our private group today that she needs to have more control.  I couldn't ignore her statement without commenting to it.  It just shows how we are all looking for that magic pill and poof the weight would be gone but just taking it one little step at a time, well like I said the results do come.

Need to get my dinner started, of course it will be healthy, there is no other way.

Until later................

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