Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 105

What a beautiful morning and I am just about to head out to do some shopping.  I need to get some things to help a dear friend with her daughter's graduation party for tomorrow.  I did come across this awesome center piece that I am going to copy.  It is a large fruit tray and in the middle you take several pineapples and cut the ends and then stack them up with ka-bob sticks and then on the top you put some palm leaves.  It looks like a palm tree, it is so cool.  I kinda wish I knew how to put pictures on here.  Someday I will learn.

As for last night at TOPS, well it was awesome.  First as a group we had a NO GAIN night....WOOHOO on that, plus I lost another 2.5 pounds.  I only need 1.5 pounds to go and I will be in the next lower tens.  How wonderful is that.....I am so so happy.  Deep down I really needed this and accomplishing that I hope will just push me even more.

Also too, I wore one of my much smaller sizes made me feel, well, kinda smaller, I would love to say skinny but nah I am not there yet.  I really felt good. 

Only thing that has me a bit down is that my sister got a phone call from the social worker from the facility that my dad lives.  Seems that they feel that he can not go back to his independent apartment.  They have evaluated that he needs assistance, definitely with the medical side, because he is not good in giving himself his insulin.  But they feel he needs assistance with dressing, bathing and so on.  They have told him this and he is not happy.  So me and my sister need to talk to him some more.  Also too they certainly don't give families much time, because now we need to set him up in the personal care floor and we need to get this done in one week.  Of course this coming week is not working so well for me because my boss leaves on vacation and I am suppose to be there to cover.  But I am not trying to worry about it so much, no matter what it always seems to get done.

Well I need to run, I pray that it will be a nice weekend.  I am looking forward to tomorrow, seeing my dear friends and just chilling out having a good time.  Oh and then on Sunday another friend is having a baby shower for her daughter, so another fun time.  I guess no cleaning this weekend which is just real fine for me....hahaha

Until later...............


  1. Sorry, it took me so long to read your blog. After all, you've been commenting on mind. Good for you, losing 52 pounds. wow! I guess Tops helps you!
    Sorry your having trouble with your dad. It's part of life. We all go through it one time or another. At least he has you to care about him!

  2. I have the blog Losing the Last 40 pounds on wordpress. I had trouble publishing on your blog.