Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 109

Wow what a hectic week so far and it is only Tuesday.  Lots going on, not only at work but also at home.  As for work, well boss is away on vacation and another co-worker is away but returning tomorrow, (thank goodness) but for yesterday and today, I am their back up....lucky me.  And with that, that only means that my work is pushed to the side....again lucky me.

As for home, well Pop definitely needs personal care and therefore Sis and I must move him by Friday, because he is going to be discharged from Re-hab....if not, it will cost 301.00 per day to stay in re-hab until we move him into his new (shared apartment) in personal care.  Nothing like rushing things....eh???  So with work and also trying to make phone calls, like Pop's phone and cable and trying to get movers etc., well like I said it is hectic.  And tonight I need to go over to his independent apartment and need to start cleaning it out, with him going into a shared apartment he only needs his bedroom furniture, so with his living room and kitchen (which is supplied by the facility) is going to be transported to my house, looks like I lost the garage again...until we (the family) figure out what to do with it all.

I have been good yesterday and today with eating.  Actually I am trying real hard to watch especially with what I ate over the weekend at the two parties that I attended.  If anything I would just love to hold the same for this week.  I can only try.

Oh and I started a personal private group on face book with my TOPS chapter ladies, I am hoping I can get everyone on board with this.  This way I could try even more to motivate them and try to get them on the right road.  Some I feel are still being resistant but I will not stop.

So that is everything in a nutshell.....

Until later..................

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