Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 179 Getting back to norm is good

Feeling good and feeling good helps keep me on track.  I sometimes wonder about why I allow my emotions get the best of me.  I always thought of myself as a strong person, maybe in support for others but maybe not for myself.  Why do I caved in and almost give up.  Maybe deep down I feel that I am a failure?  Can’t explain it and it does bother me at times.  For me I just push it aside and try not to think of it.  But many people have stated that you need to dig deep and face those emotions.  Try to conquer them.  Gosh it is really hard.
Well I will admit I was quite surprised on Thursday at TOPS.  I thought for sure that I had gained but I lost.  Another 1.25 pounds.  Not much but I will take it.  Now I just want to lose another 2 pounds and I will be in the next set of tens.   Also too we have new people joining our group, which is awesome.  We are actually getting to the point where we may have no more seats left.
Saturday my daughter and I went dress hunting for me for her wedding.  We had a great time.  Just spending the day with her was priceless.  We actually went to this one shop that houses only plus size dresses and of course had my favorite line, Catherina by Jordan.  I did see some of the dresses that I saw online but as the saying goes, nothing is better than seeing it in real life.  Funny as it seems but the dress that will probably be the one is one that I never pick.  Below is a picture of it.
Now I just need to decide what color.  I originally was going to stay in the brown family but her future mother in law took over that color.  Even though we had discussed colors and she told me that she was going to go in the green family.  Well next thing I know she supposedly got her dress and it is some type of brown.  Thanks so much lady……so it looks like I may go in the red family.  The wedding is in October, so my daughter is sticking with fall colors.  My daughter took a picture of me in the dress, I think I look not too bad but my daughter thinks I look really good.  I showed the picture to a few dear girl friends and they said the same.  I am hoping to still lose more weight.  Deep down I just don’t want to embarrass my daughter.
Now I am just waiting to hear what colors my future daughter in law wants to have and then it will be another hunt for another dress.
These kids are sure keeping my hopping.  The only thing that really bothered me on Saturday was for some reason my leg was hurting real bad.  I really didn't think we did a lot of walking but my shin was screaming with pain.  I am finished with my shots and don’t go back to the doctor until September 27th.  I certainly hope things get better with this leg.  So much I want to do but limited with it.
This coming Saturday hubby and I are going to meet my future daughter in law’s parents.  One of her cousins is having an engagement party for them and having the family there.  Should be nice.  I was very happy when hubby came home and said he does not have to work on Saturday.  This way we will be on time instead of being late.  I hate arriving to events late. 
Just finished my breakfast and need to start with my work.
Praying that today is a good day, not only with food but being productive too.
Until later…………….

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