Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 160

Ok I am now trying to re-coup of my excursions from the past week.  Well the more I think about it, nothing really much but the usually running around, all the Pop stuff.  On Tuesday I went to the crematory company to find out more of their services.  My sister and I need to have all arrangements for Pop for our meeting with Medicaid.  They certainly want it all and with it so much paperwork.  What is so frustrating is that Pop was definitely not the organized person, by all means.
Then on Thursday I had my procedure for my knee.  Boy oh boy did I allow the unknown plus my phobias with needles get the best of me for sure.  Yeah it did hurt but…..I don’t know what I was expecting but no matter what I certainly allowed it all get the best of me.  Once home I totally caved in to ice cream and exhaustion, because thinking about it the night before meant not much sleep. 
On Friday, I just took it easy and just tried to do things sitting around.  Same went for Saturday.
I don’t know why but this post is taking longer to do. 
Well, today I go for my second shot.  I am not nearly afraid or anything like I was last week.  I honestly thought that hubby wasn’t going to go with me but last night he wanted to confirm what time my appointment was.  It may me feel good.  Also this Saturday, I will be going with my daughter to a family party of her future in laws.  I hope it is nice, being as I am a little pissed with her future mother in law.  I need to try to be civilized and nice.  Also too I am going to meet another woman whom I have heard, who does not like my daughter and who has never met my daughter but bluntly has called my daughter a bitch publicly.  So all in all this should be interesting.  Tomorrow my intentions are to bake biscotti for the party.  I hope they turn out ok.
Also we (my sister and I) are on the wind down with getting all the material that is needed for our meeting in regards about our dad.  I just need to do a bit more of running around to set up a few more accounts and I should be done.  I certainly hope that this meeting goes smooth and well.  My sister has stated that going through meetings with Medicaid can be brutally.
Need to get some breakfast and start with my work
Until later……

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