Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 171 Getting back on top

Finally, a day with good eating.  I tracked my food intake and I was in range.  Such a good feeling.
Today I start with my 10 hour day work week.  For the month of August our company allows the employees to work 40 hours in 4 days, then allow the employee to take off the fifth day without using a PTO (paid time off) day, thus allowing us to keep PTO for another time.  So today I need to get in work a bit earlier at 7 am instead of my usual of 7:30.  The hard part is tonight, usually I am done at 4 pm but now I need to stay until 5:30.  It is a long day but having the Friday off is worth it.   Wow I can’t believe that the summer is just about over.
So I am prepared with my breakfast and lunch for today. I just need to figure out what will be for dinner.
I also was thinking about the meeting this coming Thursday.  I have been hearing that some of the members are not doing too well, which includes me also.  So I thought I would bring up the topic of portions.  Also too I think I will go to party city and look for approximately 8-10 ounces plastic cups.  I was thinking about a challenge to the ladies.  I want them to use these cups to measure 1 cup of their food, no matter what it may be.  Set their plate up and only eat what is on their plate.  Once done eating, wait and really see if they are still hungry.  If so then follow the process again.  I want them to see how much they are really eating.  I thought this might be a good plan.  Let’s see what happens.
As for myself, well I try to eat healthy but don’t measure out my portions.  It may be cumbersome, but it needs to be done.  I need to see how much I am really eating.
This maybe a break though, if anything, at least for myself.

Ok I am going to try and see if I can post the dress that I like, and hopefully will get for my daughter’s wedding.
Not really sure what color, possibly cranberry or wine.  Her theme is all fall colors.  The girl’s dresses are burnt orange.  Very pretty.   I think I need to print out this dress and put it on my fridge.
Until later………

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