Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 172 Starting to feel like I should

It is sometimes amazing and dishearten of how stress can affect a person.  I sometimes wonder how I can get better control my emotions.  I guess no one really can.  I even sometimes wonder why I wonder these things.
But on a much better note, I feel that I am getting back to who I want to be.  A person with determination, a person who is happy, a person who cares for others while still caring for themselves.
I just finished reading some blogs and oh my, were they inspiring.  A dear friend (I would like to think of her this way) well, she writes sometimes often about her “road”.  How she walks, jogs or I really should say race walk on her favorite road.  I know she is getting in her exercise but I really think her “road” is her salvation.  Seems that when she travels on her road, she does a lot of sorting, understanding, and is able to collect her thoughts while moving her body.  I too want to do something like that, but for the longest time I was unable due to my leg.  I feel and (I pray) that with the injections that this will all change.  Each day my knee is feeling somewhat stronger.  But the doctor did say to take it slow.  He stated that with most patients, that after approximately 4 – 6 weeks after the last injection, they really begin to feel the full effect of the medication. My last injection was just this past Thursday.   Gosh, I wish it was sooner than that.  I will admit, unless I am pushing it a bit, my walk to work in the morning is better.  I wouldn’t even be half way there and the pain was excruciating and sometimes needed to stop and rest.  But now it begins to ach badly just about when I get here.  To me that is an improvement but again wanting it to get better faster.  Then again patience is not one of my best features. 
Also on another blog, this woman, who has gone through just about everything, well I love reading about her motivation, inspiration, you name it.  She started well over 400 pounds; hubby left her with 4 children.  Wow where do you begin, thank God for her family and her faith.  I read her post from today how she just did small steps, and I mean small steps.  Just like walking to the mailbox and back.  So with her post and the other, that is exactly what I am going to do today.  When I get home from work I will walk the driveway back and forth.  Hopefully maybe getting some strength I will then try to walk around the block.  Then I hope that someday I will walk the path through the park that is near where I live.  I have only once walked the path, but it was so lovely, the path goes along the creek and over a bridge.  It is like being somewhere so different.   So serene, so quiet, just beautiful.  Ah…I wish I could do it now.
Until later……

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