Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Need to get back to reality again

So much has happened that I can’t even remember it all.  But out of it all, I have been playing with the same 5 to 10 pounds over and over again.  This has to stop.   Also too being away so long, well that too has to stop.  Why is it so easy to fall back into such bad habits?  This all has to end and will end now.
I have placed myself to the bottom of the list and I do not like it one bit being there.  Here we are five months into the year and I still haven’t started any type of exercise.  I need to get back to reality.  Too much time has slipped by and I can’t get it back.  I need to grasp the moment now and do something.  It is now five months until the wedding and only a bit over a month until my daughter’s wedding shower.  A lot has been done but still need to finish up a lot.  I need to plan better with everything.  I have been dishing out too many excuses, why?  To justify my needs or is it my wants?  All of this is probably not making too much sense right now.  I really need to get my mojo back.
I am making a promise to myself to be back again tomorrow.  It has always helped me. 
Until later………….


  1. hugs :) you'll get your mojo back just remember that this is for life so maintaining in the same 5-10 lb window isn't a bad thing. Just consider it practicing for life :) I'm sure you're excited about the wedding. I need to post soon myself, have been posting somewhere else so haven't been around the blog much. I miss it though and miss you :)

  2. Concentrate on the choices you make today. Tomorrow is another opportunity to make even better choices. You can do this, even if it is one day at a time. Best wishes!!