Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just trying to continue on........

Wow another week has flown by.  Also too, the weather has been and is crazy.  Just last Saturday our temperature was like in the 50’s.  It was so chilly and windy, that if you went outside you needed a lite jacket or sweatshirt.  Now today it is suppose to go up in the mid 90’s.  Leaving work this morning at 6:15am the temp read in the car at 72.  So crazy.  Anyhow I am grateful that where I work is air-conditioned.
Well tonight is TOPS night and I have struggled to stay somewhat on plan.  I have made my lunches all week.  Drank my big bottles of water.  So tonight will tell.  Oh and as for last week, I lost 2 ½ pounds.  I just need to lose another two pounds and again I will be back to my lowest.  Why I keep repeating this method over and over is beyond me.  So many times I wonder, am I afraid of losing more weight, not that I am near goal or anything.  Or is it, my mood at that moment is that I don’t care?  I wish I could figure out my head.
With the wedding just under five months to go, I only have 17 pounds to get to the goal that I have set for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I am no where near where I should be, but I wanted to set a realistic goal.  I thought 75 pounds would be good.  If I were to go below that, then that would be a plus.  I just wonder why I just can’t seem to be consistent with my eating habits. 
Other than that I have been quite busy preparing for my daughter’s wedding shower, which is in three weeks.  It is all coming down to the wire.  My biggest complaint about it all is that how people don’t respond to invitations.  Meaning that it was requested as a RSVP.  I am not the least bit upset if a person can’t make it, but at least tell me.  Don’t people realize that when it is catered that one needs to give a head count.  Also too I just love those (once I have contacted them) would state, oh you should have known that I was coming….really?  I should have known???   My goodness if I could do that, well, maybe I would know the winning lottery numbers next time.
So with that and also trying to keep up with my father, who is in the nursing home, I seem to have my hands full right now.  Hopefully once the wedding shower is over, things may begin to calm down.  I certainly hope so.  If anything I am glad that my auditors are finally finished here at work and now I can start taking some time off.  What is helping now is that I am taking off mainly on Fridays to have a three day weekend.  So all in all things are good.  (I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, things could be worse….haha)
Until later……………..

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