Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time waits for no one………

Wow again so much time has passed.  Well today I am home mainly because we are finally getting a new garage door installed.  I am also off tomorrow and Monday all because of my daughter’s wedding shower which is on Sunday.  I will admit most of the stuff is done and we are really to set up and decorate the place.  The bridesmaids have done a wonderful job with all the center pieces and candy bar.  I just have a few last minute, run around errands to do on Saturday.  I just hope she likes everything we have done and that the guests really enjoy themselves.  Oh and my one goal is to really surprise her which I may add I really think I have pulled it off.  I have sent multiple invitations to them (daughter and finance), with help of my future son-in-law and dear friends, we have her completely confused. 


Right now a lot is going on; not only the shower but hubby and I are in the midst of refinancing our home.  Plus unfortunately I got called back by my breast specialist doctor for more review of my right breast.  I am hoping what they are seeing is just scar tissue from the surgery back from November.  This is a new doctor because my other breast surgeon doctor has retired.  So I am quite nervous with my appointment on Monday. 


So with my emotions on high, my eating plan is not the greatest.  Right now I am hovering around 265 to 270.  When it starts creeping up to 270, it is then I start really watching what I am eating.  I really have no excuses why I am NOT watching.  It is just plain stupid.  I have much more weight to go and I am just not doing it.  Not that I want to put it off but I am trying to plan better once the shower is over.  I am trying to get healthier food in this house.  Ah heck even hubby is saying about of how much junk is back in the house again.  Since I do most of the cooking even hubby is losing some weight.  So hopefully we can get back to eating the right things.  One consolation is that we no longer drink soda anymore.  I usually make a lot of decaffeinated green ice tea.  Also too I went and bought one of those large jugs that have a sprout attached and fill that with water with lemon slices and a few leaves of mint, very refreshing.  So as the saying goes baby steps of change.


Now my next big step is to incorporate some exercise.  I happen to come across yesterday Leslie Sansone video on the computer.  Just a simple walking video with just walking.  I am trying to commit to doing it once a day.  It is only 20 minutes long.  I just hope that I can do it with my bad knee.  I must try.


Well I need to get moving and get some things done.  It is such a beautiful day here.  Maybe once I get some things done in the house I can get outside and do a bit of gardening.


Until later………….


  1. That is a lot going on. It sounds like it will be a nice bridal shower, you're daughter is lucky to have you.

    Best wishes with your doctor visit. I hope all is well.

  2. Yeah it is a lot but all worth it. Just finishing up today with some of the favors. Everything is packed and tomorrow a bit more of running around. Just keeping fingers crossed for Sunday. It should be nice....I hope.

    Thanks so much for the good wishes.

  3. Praying that your appointment went well and hope you had a great shower! What a fun time! I'm really struggling with my exercise regime too, maybe we can focus on working out together!

  4. Girl---it is HARD when things are going crazy busy...but I am coming to find that things are ALWAYS crazy busy. One thing ends and then something else happens! We can't wait (I'm talking to me too) for life to be better. We have to reach for our dreams even in the midst of chaos. We can do it. Let's do it!