Friday, June 28, 2013

Re-dedicating to my health

All that is well has ended well.  The shower was a huge success even with some unforeseen obstacles.  One main one was the catering ladies and the girls (bridesmaids) and hubby and me got to the hall only to find it was locked.  The catering ladies were supposed to get in at 12:30 and the rest of us at 1:00.  But no one was there to let us in.  OK….panic mood starting, I immediately started calling any number I had that associated with the hall.  No answers just instant voice mail.  Of course I left many messages.  Then thank the heavens I called my girlfriend’s husband who is a member of the club, (Knights of Columbus), got a hold of him and he started calling others to find out what happened.  Long story made short, finally someone arrived and we got in at 1:40, which only left 20 minutes to set up before guests arrived.  Double panic mode was taken place inside of me.  But with the help of many we got it done by 2:05.  WHEW that was close.  Anyhow my daughter was completely surprised.  She loved every minute of it, as also the guests.  Many complimented of how they had a fantastic time.  So all my personal goals were met. 
Then the next day Monday I had all my appointments at the hospital.  I thought the radiology center was cruel with mammograms but here at the hospital they were animals.  Oh my, my poor little breasts.  But after that plus an ultrasound, talking with the radiologist doctor plus the breast doctor, I was given a clean slate.  They still want me to have a 3 month follow up, which has now been schedule late September.
Now onto my weigh in last night at TOPS.  I am very sad to say that I have gained 7 pounds over the last four weeks.  With the shower and stuff I have not gone to my meetings nor have I gotten weighed.  I knew deep down that I had gained but I honestly thought no more than 5 pounds tops.  Boy was I surprised.  Which in turn made me very angry with myself.  I do not want to go up the scale, who does?  So with that I made sure that today’s breakfast and lunch were healthy and packed.  Also too I need to be more diligent with journaling.   It has always helped me and kept me focused on what was going in my mouth. 
And of course today in work was the staff luncheon, which I refused to participate in.  They have lunch catered and boy it sure did look good.  But I am staying in my office, I am so grateful that my friend here in work I can talk to, plus some of my TOPS friends thru email.  So I am not being shy and I am reaching out for support.
 Actually I am just kinda watching the clock until I can get out of here, far far away.
Plus I have rearranged my plans for the weekend, that I am going to get back to pre-cooking and pre-bagging plenty of good foods in my house this weekend.  I am re-dedicating to getting healthy.
You know you gotta be thankful for eye-openers.

Until later……


  1. Praise God your appointments went well and you have a clean bill of health! So very very happy to hear that. I'm also glad that the shower went great, even if it didn't go according to plan. Sorry to hear that you gained this month, but you should be proud of yourself for not letting the gain set you back, and that you are using it as motivation to make some changes. You're doing great, you can do this!

  2. Thanks Lydia And I am grateful to the dear Lord that all is well. He is my strength. As for the gain, well it just shows how lazy I have been, but that is no more. Just finished having some fruit and will be heading to bed soon so I can have a good start tomorrow. Thanks for the encouraging words.