Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 221 Where is the strength ???

This past week has been busy and I am still busy for the rest of the week.  Tonight I am going to get my hair done, need to wash away the gray again.  I will mention though, as I am getting older those grays certainly appear much quicker.   Then tomorrow I will be meeting with my daughter’s bridesmaids to start planning her bridal shower.  I will admit it is fun looking up the so many different center pieces, shower favors, games, decorations and even some really different and cool gift ideas.  I just want this shower to be a WOW type of a shower.  Then on Thursday is my doctor appointment for my leg (final check up) then afterwards TOPS meeting.  Saturday, hopefully I will be heading up to my nieces house for an Oktoberfest gathering.  Mostly family and some friends, hope the weather is nice.   Wow just reading all of this, well I just spent the entire week away…LOL
Today was difficult at lunch.  We had our managers meeting re-scheduled and was placed in the time slot as lunchtime.  So the company was kind enough to provide lunch, which may I add is very unusual but anyway was provided.  I must admit this is usually the time I just lose my guard.  Today was sandwiches, salad and of course desserts.  So as I stood in line, I keep reminding myself to choose wisely, So I picked chicken salad sandwich, which was a half of a sandwich, took a little bit of sweet potato salad (which I may add is super, super delicious) and then stuffed the rest of my plate with the garden salad.  I passed on the soda (which made me think about that) because I really don’t drink sugary drinks anymore.  They are just too too sweet for me. So that was really easy.  One thought of that I starting thinking then why can’t I pass on other foods?  Why do I feel so tempted by fatten, loads of oil, mayonnaise, salted, items.  Why do I crave this so much?  How can I get myself to the point where I only want really healthy items?  Like with the soda, I really cannot drink a regular soda.  The sweetness hurts my teeth.  I no longer like the carbonation in them; it makes me too gassy so why bother?   I understand that these temptations will always be there but why is it so hard?   I guess it probably came to mind when I did read before lunch this wonderful woman’s blog.  Part of her blog mentioned about addicts with drugs, and alcohol.   How it must be so hard for someone who is a recovering addict.  Where does that strength come from?  How can I get that strength?   Why?

Because I am an addict………………
Until later…………..

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