Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 229 Is the pace too slow ???

Unbelievable it has been a week since writing.  It has been a busy week.   But today is a great day; my baby girl’s 24th birthday is today.  I just think back how the time flies. 
I seemed to be saying that a lot lately.  Then I look back and see of how much progress I have done.  In total I see 60 pounds gone but at times I feel it should be more.  Even with my meetings I tell the group slow and steady is the right pace but what is really the right pace.  Funny with the weight coming off so slow I sometimes feel that I haven’t lost any weight at all.  Don’t get me wrong I am seeing it especially with my clothes.  People kind of tease me, ones that really know me, teasing me especially when I have to pin my pants at the waist so they don’t fall off of me.  Also too I will admit it feels really good with the few new clothes that I have bought recently.  I also wonder if I am eating really healthy.  But when I look at my log I know I am but, well I just don’t know.  I have heard many times with this much weight to lose; I should be dropping it off like crazy.  But I still ponder about of how slow these pounds are coming off.  Hopefully now with the knee doctor clearing me, and giving me a scrip for physical therapy I will hopefully begin an exercise plan.  Maybe that will aid in the losing.   Also too I do worry about the excess skin but am always telling myself I will cross that bridge when I get to it and I will not use that as an excuse to stop trying.  But I still worry about it.  Will I look worse?  Worse than with all the weight on me?
Still I wonder………….
Until later………..

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  1. I've emailed you a few times not sure you got them. As for eating healthy I think it's a process not an all or none. I've just tried to learn as I've went along and it's done me well. I'm sure you will figure it out more as time goes by too. Slow and steady is best I say because we have to let our minds catch up too. I think a lot of times people fly down the scale then don't know how to handle it and they think of it like a diet or a "right now" thing and it has to be thought of as life long because it is. So just keep doing the best you can for yourself and you'll get to where you want to be. As for the skin well it's a process too to learn to love your body whatever way it is. I wouldn't change having the surgeries but I found that you're never going to be the image in your head you hope yoruself to be so you just have to learn to love the body your in today. Again it's a process and it all takes time. I think time is the big thing that helps us most. You are doing great and just keep patting yourself on the back. Looking back is as important as looking ahead. Happy Birthday to your daughter!