Monday, July 15, 2013

Trying to stay the course.....

I must admit it always feels good when you are somewhat back on track again.  If this feeling is so good, then why do I go astray?  I have been trying to answer this for quite some time.  Not that I have the right answer but I think I am seeing it with different areas.  I usually go off plan when I feel overwhelmed.  In any circumstance, meaning the job, family issues, even with just my lifestyle.  My lifestyle is not complicated.  Both of my children are out and on their own, at home it is just hubby and me.   So as for the hustle, bustle of everyday living has calmed down quite a bit.  But I go off plan if things are not as usual, routine, etc.  This I know, but lately, meaning just several weeks, things have been calm.  My daughter’s shower is over, everything went well.  Hubby and I just re-financed our home, which went well.  So why was I off course???    Just being downright lazy and bored.  That is what I have come up with.

So I have kicked myself in my butt and told myself to stop it.  I don’t know, stop being bored, and stop being lazy, stop maybe feeling sorry for myself.  Honestly, it occurred to me while listening/reading another blogger.  She is so helpful to me, words couldn’t even describe of how thankful I am.  I truly believe that God has guided me to her, which I am so grateful for.   Anyhow, for right now when I am bored and I want to reach for something, just for the sake of eating, I will stop and vision myself in a circle with all this food, just shoving it in my mouth, also I am standing outside the circle and watching me inside the circle, constantly eating.  I am not liking this picture and then I truly think am I really hungry? or bored?.  Well, all I can say is that I did this over the weekend and this is a first in a really long time, especially for a weekend, that I actually watched what I ate, responded only when I was truly hungry.  Just doing that and thinking back on it, well I feel pretty good.  So I am hoping that this will last a while for me.  Helping me to stay on course and stop with all the excuses.

Also too I want to thank all of you for all your support and encouraging, caring words, it means a lot to me.

Hopefully I can report a loss this week.

Until later………….


  1. Being mindful of why we are eating is something that I am trying to focus on. I seek the comfort of food when I am stressed. Work is crazy busy right now and sometimes I get anxious. When that happens I immediately start thinking of popping something in my mouth. I'm trying to step back and think about it a bit before eating. It will take time but I'll get there. It sounds like you are working through this well.

    Stay strong, you can do this!!

  2. You know, I am not good at handling change in routine either! So when my routine changes, I am stressed too and want to eat. I love Roly's suggestion of stepping back. I also like your believe that God is guiding you to a healthier path - to another blogger. I get this totally too.

    Sometimes too, after a stressful time is over, I then have more time to think about food. That is when I look at other blogs to help me too.

    I will be cheering for you Anna Marie!

  3. Anna Marie you are doing so well. Every time I look at your page the first thing I see is the ENORMOUS amount of weight you have already lost. You know you can do this because you've already done it! We all go through those periods where something is just off, but the great thing is that you've realized it, and you're going to keep pushing forward. I'll be praying for you!

  4. Good girl! Living in the moment is so important in all respects, not just eating, but when you are battling an issue with excess weight, most definitely! You are doing well! You'll get there!

  5. Good for you! This post made me happy for you. I also believe that the Lord will direct you to the answers; I know He has me! Love the idea of the circle. You are getting your head straight and that's the main thing. Don't sell yourself short - think of all the weight that you've already lost!! :D