Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just moving along

Sometimes I wonder just where the time goes. If anything I am busy at work. Last weekend was really nice. I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend in Delaware. Her shore house is just heaven. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was fabulous. Our only problem was coming home late Sunday; we hit many pockets of heavy downpour rain. So it took us several hours to get home but we made it. So now I am just trying to get through this week. I am no longer off on Fridays, so this week will be an adjustment. Next week though, hubby and I will be going away for a few days. I am looking forward to it but I must admit it will kind of feel strange too. Reason being is that we have not taken a vacation or even went away overnight in many years because of our dog. Hubby would never put Max in a kennel, so therefore we never went away. Unfortunately, our beloved Max passed away last October; he was 13 ½ years old. Hubby took it very hard, that was his best buddy. I went to TOPS last Thursday and I am happy to say that I took 6 pounds off from the 7 pound gain. Keep in mind that I haven’t been there for four weeks. Just need to push and continue to lose that one pound and some. I will be going this Thursday but not next week due to going away with hubby. Things seem to be well. Even Pop seems to be in good spirits. I will be seeing him after work today. One thing I can say is that his appetite is good again. My sister and I were getting worried of how he was not eating. He was looking mighty fragile and so thin. Now it is the complete opposite. His face is fuller and he has gained some weight back. I also think he has come to the reality, that this is his life. He knows that he can no longer do the things that he used to and that he needs assistance. He now looks forward to the trips that the nursing home has once a month. He gets excited about them when you talk about them. Which I am so happy and grateful for. Well as they say “time to make the donuts” or I should say “time to make the money”. Got lots of work to get done. Until later…………..


  1. You are doing well. Glad you had a great visit at the shore with your friend! Enjoy your upcoming trip, too!

  2. I'm jealous of your vacations ;) Lucky you! Great news about Pop, too. I work half days on Fridays but that will end when school starts back in two weeks, I sure will miss it.