Sunday, July 21, 2013

Been keeping myself busy

All I can say is that 3 days being home goes mighty fast.  I kept myself busy though.  Friday started the day with cleaning and then in the evening I went to meet my daughter at the bridal shop to see her try on her wedding dress that came in.  Oh my just beautiful.  Next will be seeing the seamstress for proper fitting. 

Then Saturday was a big food shopping order, put away and starting baking items.  By the end of the day I finished making two loafs of low calorie banana bread. Made two dozen lemon-lime cupcakes.  Also made a low calorie cherry cheese Danish ring.  Now hubby has plenty of evening snacks to hold him for a couple of weeks.  I cut it all down and freeze it all.

As for today, well finished making two more loafs of banana bread, which I will be taking with me when I go to my girlfriend’s shore house next weekend, her daughter and her hubby and grandson will be there also.  Plus I made all my breakfast and lunches for the week, which is low calorie egg and cheese muffins, plus made French dip muffin meals, also made low calorie pumpkin bars.  Now I can choose and quickly pack my breakfasts and lunches for the week.  Now I am just finishing dinner which is baked chicken with some Chinese veggies.  Oh and I washed and cut up all the fruit.  I will admit I am tired but knowing this is all done I feel good.  Now for the week, I just need to gather my clothing and pack it up by Thursday night.  Funny thing knowing that I will be going away I have plans to get things done during the week which I would normally do on the weekend.  You would think I would do this stuff so I could be more relaxed on the weekend.  Something that I think I should pursue. 

Staying on plan and it feels good. 

Time to make my lemon water for the week

Until later…………..


  1. Oh wow, you HAVE been busy Anna Marie! Each Sunday, I do all the pre-work for my food for the week as well and it is work but also worth it.

    I am sure getting ready for the big wedding day is very emotional as well. I am so happy that your daughter's dress fitting went well. That is some stress off I am sure.

    The foods you made sound so very good.

    I'm so proud of you for staying on plan - and with all you have going on too!! You are doing great!! :)

  2. You have been very busy! Hope you have a good week!

  3. Man, just reading about your weekend made me tired! You were one busy bee! Everything you made sounds absolutely delicious, I may be hitting you up for some recipes! You are doing such an amazing job. I've learned how important preparation is if you want to make good food choices. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks so much ladies. Yeah I was busy but now at least for the week it will be a go-go don't think about what to make week, which is the best.
    Lydia...anytime sweetie, just let me know what recipes you would like. Actually,I now have my own personal cook book, it consists of recipes that I have tried and we really like, also too I made sure to have the nutrition calculations on them. It took time to put this together, being doing it for well over a year now but now I love my book.
    Hope you ladies have a wonderful week.
    Many hugs

  5. The baked good sound delicious! I'm late commenting so by now you're almost ready for your trip. Have a wonderful time! :D