Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Let's see if this works

First of all I am hoping I am able to post this, for whatever reason being, I am having trouble creating a new post here at work, hopefully this will work. Need to get back to basics. I have been just not caring these past few months and the weight is slowly creeping up again. I really can't explain why I am feeling this way. But if anything I am looking forward to going away with my girlfriend to her shore house in Delaware. Maybe that will help. You would think with my son's wedding coming up in June, that would motivate me some. You would think that finally the nicer weather is coming that it would motivate me some. But with all these things, well nothing is. I just cave into everything. I read the posts of many, and many of them are just so positive, you would think that it may help, but unfortunately no. I don't think I feel depressed, who knows. I may speak to my doctor about this. I have an appointment in about three weeks. So that is about it, all in a nut shell. No matter what I will try. Until later..............

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  1. I can so relate to your post. I hope you have a great trip to Delaware. Take pictures ;)