Monday, February 3, 2014

Checking in again

Ok, well this is a start.  Actually posting two days in a row.

Not that I have much to say nor has much happened.  If anything we got a significant amount of snow....again.  With all of this white stuff, it kept me home from work.  This weekend my leg has really been hurting and with walking from the train to work, well it just wasn't happening.  We winded up getting about seven inches.  It was the wet, heavy type of snow, not the fluffy kind.  Hubby shoveled quite a bit, as I sit and watched him.  If feel so bad for him plus I worry too.

I really tried to watch what I ate today.  Tonight for dinner I made hubby and I a nice chicken, roasted peppers, avocado, lettuce sandwich.  It was quite tasty.  Even hubby liked it.  I like trying different things, provided I have them in the house.

Well I am hoping that I am able to get to work tomorrow, because it is really stacking up.  Now the stations are calling for more snow plus this time ice for tomorrow night into Wednesday.  Gosh I really can't wait for spring.

Until later..................


  1. Hi Anna Marie,
    Only just seen your blog, and wanted to say your dinner sounds lovely.
    The worlds weather is going through crisis at the moment, I'm just hoping it will sort itself out real soon.
    Here in the UK we have got so much water, it's a case of rain, rain go away. Watching the news it appears that the US has indeed got very heavy snow. Roll on Spring.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  2. I'm not a big avocado fan, but the sandwich sounds great. I love trying new foods as well. Hang in there! YOu are doing awesome :)