Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 208 So much l need to do, now to just DO IT

It is just funny how the time just flies by.  This past week sure did.  Well the engagement party that my daughter gave at my house was a huge success.  Her brother and his fiancée were very happy.  Her menu was superb.  She worked very hard at it.  I am grateful that the weather was absolutely beautiful.  The back patio was certainly crowded.  It seems that everyone had a good time.  Now for this Saturday, her and her fiancé are having a barbeque at their house, such the party givers.
Today I am a bit bummed out, seems that our girls weekend away is going to be cancelled.  I was looking so forward to spending time with my best and dear girlfriends for the weekend.  But if anything this year my hubby is supposed to take me away overnight, so at least I have something to look forward to.
I can’t believe how quickly the days are going by.  It is like wow September is more than half over.  The colder months are approaching fast.
Last Thursday at TOPS I proposed to the ladies of trying to do 1200 calorie per day for one week.  I followed this man’s blog and that is what he is doing with a bunch of other people.  He is so right about eating less and doing more.  It is the simplest but yet very hard to do.  I have done it before but staying committed is the hard part.  At first I thought it would be hard but picking out the right foods, which I may add is very healthy for you, is the right road and yes it is NOT hard to do.  But with all these temptations around and processed food around and being lazy all comes into play here.  I am hoping that with the cooler weather and the parties all calming down, well I am hoping I can get myself into gear of what NEEDS to be done.
Also too I was hoping that my leg would be in better shape or at least not hurting as much by now since it has been close to six weeks since my last injection.  I will admit it has improved some but I was hoping for a lot more.   I was speaking to my neighbor last week and she even said, just walk to the mailbox, which is right around the corner of where I live.  And you know what she is right.  I even read about this other woman’s blog of how she just started out by just moving for 30 seconds a day.  I just need to do it.  I need to just get moving. 
Also too I am concerned about my dad.  I went to see him yesterday and all he did was just sit in his wheelchair and stare and then close his eyes.  He did tell me he was very tired and didn’t feel too well.  Sometimes I think he gets depressed because he was the type of man to be constantly on the go.  And now he is just about all the time in his room at the nursing home.  I need to think of something for him, something that he would like and get him out of there, even if it is for just an hour or two.   Maybe I might plan a picnic.  The grounds of where the nursing home is very nice and I feel being outdoors should do him some good.  I think I will check it out with my sister.
Well, I just finished with my breakfast and need to start with my work.   We been having some serious storms here, I hope that they are over with and look forward to seeing some sunshine again.
Until later………………

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