Friday, December 20, 2013

Just updating

Well I am finally done with Christmas.  I am pleased to state that all the shopping is done, and gifts are wrapped.  Now I just need to go food shopping and I have plenty of cooking to do tomorrow.  The main reason is because on Sunday, my sister and I and some of the kids are going to visit Pop at the nursing home to celebrate Christmas.  Now with Pop, well he is always asking about bringing some homemade food.  Food that he likes which is old fashion German dishes (you would guess so; both of my parents are from Germany).  So tomorrow I am making sauerkraut and bratwurst.  It is one of his favorites.  So that is my day for tomorrow.

On Wednesday I had to see the gynecologist-oncologist because my regular GYN saw something that she didn’t like.  Well this visit ended up me getting a biopsy.  All I can say is O M G, did I see the stars and the moon.  Even with her giving me a shot to numb the area, it still extremely hurt.  Even though it has been two days it still hurts, not as much but it still does, especially when I need to relieve myself.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend it will be much better.  Now the unknown is the worse part.  They told me not to call until next Friday, Dec 27th.   This is just great with all the waiting.  I am trying very hard not to dwell on this but it is so hard.  Ok enough of that.

Funny with just a few days away for Christmas I still don’t know what is going on.  I spoke to my son today and we probably won’t see them. It seems that they will be visiting her side of the family.  Now I just need to hear from my daughter.  So whatever the case may be, I have decided to make Christmas dinner easy.  So for now I am making a ham, with some spinach, corn and possibly some potatoes.  I haven’t made up my mind if we will have soup or salad.

If anything I am mainly looking forward just having off some days.  This year I am working Christmas Eve, which I usually take off but the boss really wanted it, so he is off and I am working.  I know he really appreciates it.  

So that is about it.

Hopefully I will be back soon, but if not, I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and blessed Christmas.  May you enjoy the fun and love with all who are dear to you.

Until later………..

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