Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Checking in

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Mine was very nice; I thoroughly enjoyed it since all of my children were here.   Now moving onto the next holiday, Christmas.  I have been quite busy.  Immediately after Thanksgiving, I spent the next three days decorating, which I may say that I did get it all done.  I just love the decorations, which many of them have a sentimental meaning attached to them.  I don’t really nuts but you can certainly tell the holiday spirit is here.  Once that was done I started with the shopping and this is a first in a very long time, I can honestly say I am just about done.  Even with the shopping I have done I even wrapped them up right away.  I must admit it is a good feeling. 

As for my GYN appointment, well the doctor stated that 80 to 85% have cleared up but unfortunately I still need to see a specialist.  Seems that I have a lesion that hasn’t healed.  I still need to use the cream until I see her which is next week on Wednesday.  My doctor stated that she may do a biopsy.  I am praying that everything will be fine. 

Today I called out from work; I was too frightened with the weather.  We got today plenty of snow and hubby has to work much later, so my route to home would have involved walking many blocks.  I am so afraid of falling and with my bad knee…well; my fear got the best of me.  I am grateful that I still had PTO’s left to use and that my boss understands.

As for my weight, well that isn’t going well neither.  I gain a few pounds then lose some.  I guess another reason for not writing on my blog.  I mean come on, who wants to admit that they are not doing what they should be doing.  I just can’t seem to get into my program, or I should say “I just don’t care?”   I will admit that the doctor business is on my mind a lot.  I really need to refocus what matters to me.

You would think especially with the next wedding coming, (my son’s wedding is in June 2014), that I would be more focused.  Trying to get this weight off is mainly for health reasons especially with my leg, but one would think that the wedding would be an extra incentive. 

Well, I need to get moving and get dinner together for hubby.  Today he has to work close to 13 hours, it is so long and I feel so bad for him too, that I try to have a nice hot meal when he gets home.

I pray that everyone is doing well.

Until later………..

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  1. Anna Marie,

    I think you are doing great. You are living life and working it out. I have found that writing regardless is very helpful. I have learned so much. I write on the highs and lows. somedays I wonder if I'm bi-polar...lol but I realize it is just the topic and that I am so genuine in my posts. Keep writing...it solves so much. Plus on a total selfish note, I love reading your blog and hearing about your family.