Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Finally back

Hi everyone,

It has been too long, not that a lot has happened though. 
As for the wedding, well it was fabulous.  We were lucky, it started to rain a bit in the early evening, which meant not all the pictures could be taken outside as she planned but the photographer got plenty.  She looked absolutely beautiful.  Everyone looked wonderful. One of the highlights was while she was saying her vows to him, she just stared at him and once she was finished she started to cry and then said out loud, “I am so sorry”  ..sniff…sniff…”but I love you so much”.  Well, there was not one dry eye in the place. Also another funny thing though, I was so worried about my shoes being tight that I wore them many days ahead, well just several days before the wedding I actually wore them with socks.  Now on the day of the wedding I go and put them on and guess what, I had stretched them too much, now they were big.  So for the church I had to put paper towels inside so I wouldn’t fall out of them.  LOL…so much for making them comfortable.

Everyone stated that they had a great time.  Plus it is so true, so much planning for one day and before you know it, the day is over.  But even so, I have so many fantastic memories just burned into my heart, which will never fade.

So with that I have had several weeks of rest, or at least wedding rest.  Now I am back on board with the next wedding.  As a matter of fact, last night I went to meet up with my future daughter in law at the bridal shop, to help her pick out her wedding dress.  And yes she got one, so pretty.  So with that I am slowly getting back to wedding and shower mode again.  Soon it will be back to planning another wedding shower, going out to pick out a dress for me, shopping for gifts, etc.   These seven months will go by fast.
As for my weight, well I have maintaining, which I am very grateful for.  I have been gaining a few pounds then taking it off the following week.  Right now I am trying to plan Thanksgiving, all the kids are coming and I am thrilled.  I am trying to make a healthy dinner for all.

Right now I am a bit excited, hubby and I took off Thursday and Friday, so tomorrow we will take an overnight trip.  Not too far, just down to the seashore.  It may be a bit chilly but just going away a wee bit is nice and looking forward to it.
Getting a bit late here, want to get an early start tomorrow. I will try to get back on here real soon.

Many hugs to all, I have been trying to keep up with everyone.
Have a blessed evening.


  1. I'm glad the wedding went well. Your seashore trip sounds lovely. :D

  2. All that sounds so lovely. Hope you had a great trip. That is so huge that you are maintaining. So glad the wedding went well.